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Taiseer Elias

Taiseer Elias - oud, violintisir

A master of both Eastern and Western music, oud player and violinist. Taiseer Elias is one of the foremost Middle Eastern musicians of our time. Founder and conductor of the first Orchestra of Classical Arabic Music in Israel, and currently the musical director and conductor of the Arab-Jewish orchestra and the Music Center in Jerusalem, Elias has recorded with a number of ensembles including White Bird, Bustan Abraham, Ziryab Trio (of which he is the musical director) and others. He has also composed music for theater and films. In addition, Prof. Elias is the head of Eastern Music Department at the Rubin Academy of Music, the head of the Musicology Department at Bar Ilan University, and director of Arab music education in the Education Ministry in Israel.

Elias has also performed on the oud works by Vivaldi, Bach and Paganini with numerous symphonic and philharmonic orchestras, as well as concertos for oud and orchestra composed especially for him by contemporary American and Israeli composers.

Taiseer Elias is the leading figure in classical Arabic music in Israel, and is considered by professional critics around the world to be one of the most imressive and moving musicians to emerge from the Arab world in recent years.