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"Bustan Abraham made traditional and updated Middle Eastern music sparkle and dance"

– Jon Pareles, New York Times

Bustan Abraham - Extraordinary Musical travelers.

"It is a pleasure to listen to them and to look at them perform: The members of Bustan Abraham present in their current tour impressive mastery of their instruments as well as a rare sense of attentiveness"

It was a pleasure to listen to Bustan Abraham perform last Saturday, but not less of a pleasure was to watch them, or even more precisely, to witness their attentive looks at each other during the concert.
Oud player Taiseer Elias, percussionist Zohar Fresco, flutist Amir Milstein and bassist Haggai Cohen Milo could not quit their eyes from one another during their whole ninety minutes performance. This was a unique scenery, reserved only to exceptional and outstanding jazz concerts, and tells a lot about Bustan members' interaction and relationship. It presents the musical virtuosity of each of them- Even more important, it shows how attentive they are to each other. Each small artistic nuance is quickly grasped through the ears and eyes, followed by a quick response of the other musicians.
There are only a few Israeli ensembles who play and treat their music as Bustan Abraham members do, and that is probably why world music fans follow them so loyally.
In 2012, approximately twenty years after releasing their debut album and more than a decade after the break-up of the original band, Bustan Abraham has returned to the concert stages and is on tour these days. If Rock bands from the 80's and 90's celebrate their iconic albums years later, why can't world music bands do so, too?

The concert started with a combination of majestic beauty and artistic suspension and kept this balance and rich musicianship throughout the evening"

Ben Shalev, Ha'aretz 2/7/2013